4th Annual Collaboration in the Gig Economy Conference, by Staffing Industry Analysts

LifeSciHub News

LifeSciHub is excited to virtually attend the Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) 4th Annual Collaboration in the Gig Economy conference next week, September 17-18.

Per SIA, Collaboration in the Gig Economy, SIA’s trail-blazing and award-winning annual event returns September 17-18 in a ground-breaking and highly interactive virtual format designed to bring together the entire talent supply chain, including workforce solutions enterprise buyers, staffing firms, RPO, VMS, MSP, suppliers to staffing, gig economy, and human cloud companies.

“This is a great opportunity to learn from and connect with gig economy trailblazers from across multiple industries, as well as human capital leaders,” said Sheila Mahoney, CEO and Founder of LifeSciHub.  “LifeSciHub’s operating theory is to capitalize on the greater maturity of other verticals, and thereby help drug sponsors leapfrog the lessons learned of other enterprise leaders that are already far along the adoption path of tech-enabled open talent.  This conference is an invaluable resource, due to the intra-vertical perspectives.”

LifeSciHub conference highlights include: 

  • ·        Future Tech Meets the Gig Economy:  AI, Blockchain and Beyond
  • ·        Transforming and Optimizing the Talent Supply Chain
  • ·        Navigating the IC Missclassification Minefield
  • ·        The Great Debate:  The Legal, Policy and Regulatory Future of the Gig Economy
  • ·        Talent Pools and Freelancer Management Systems
  • ·        SOW vs. Staff Augmentation:  What You Need to Know
  • ·        Direct Sourcing for Buyers:  Best Practices and Common Missteps
  • ·        Enterprise Buyer Strategies for Self-Managed Programs and Talent Pools

“We look forward to reporting back relevant and timely innovations to our life sciences R&D niche!” said Ms. Mahoney.

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