“LifeSciHub enabled us to compliantly engage a Clinical Trial Supply expert small business (of 1) for 25% time throughout our Phase 2 program (3 years). We are now ready to hire someone full time. I was astounded at the expertise- even learned quite a few things from him!”

-Vice President, Supply Chain & Operations, small US based pre-marked biotech

LifeSciHub Services For Drug Sponsors

Access to a “new” source of your highest risk talent and expertise

Radically transparent, strategic subcontracting

Compliant channel to the “new” small business talent pool of independent experts

Project Lead
Human Resources

One Solution Serving All Four Hiring Entity Enterprise Stakeholders

Strategic, Radically Transparent Subcontracting of

High Caliber

Small Business

Drug Development Experts

LifeSciHub makes the entire drug development expertise spectrum available for compliant, on-demand, radically transparent small business subcontracting!

Talent is Not Scarce. Full Time Employees Are.

How it WORKS

Trend: Worker (Subject Matter Expert) Shifting Preference From Employee To Free Market Independent Small Micro-businesses

Barrier: Drug Sponsor Procurement, Legal, HR Preference For Large, Traditional Suppliers. Unintended Consequence: Opaque Middleman Economics

Solution: Radically Transparent Subcontracting of the Small “Micro” Business SME Drug Development Community


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