Addressing Career Pain Points- A Sino-American Pharmaceutical Association (SAPA) Flagship Event


Join us for the next SAPA flagship event: “Addressing Pain Points”, a career development workshop.

 This time, we are doing many things differently, but the goal is the same: to provide the best possible opportunity to all on career development. No matter what stage you are on, and no matter what challenges you face, we are in this together.

 Let’s face it, all of us encountered some “pain points” during our career journey. Often, we tried and tried, again and again, but still seems to be stuck. Sometimes we surely and prematurely concluded that either it is impossible to overcome these hurdles, or it is the external factors and others to hinder our progress. Frustrated and scared, we groggily accept defeat and give up; or worse, become stressed out and demoralized.

 In fact, many of these “pain points” represent the real opportunities for us to have a breakthrough. All it needs is to take a deeper look and think from a different perspective. We may then have an “aha” moment. Instead of treating the pain points as wounds, see them as the opening to the future world of career success. Just like the laws in natural sciences, there are also many wisdom in social sciences and career development. What gets us to be successful in scientific training may not be directly transferrable to the business world. Also, what makes us successful in the past does not guarantee the same in the future. In addition, cultural background and personal habits often unconsciously affect our behaviors in the workplace.

We gathered some common “pain points”, and will dive into them deeply in this interactive workshop together:

  • Personal branding
    • Visibility: a double-edged sword
  • Survive and thrive in the corporate maze
    • Passed over for a promotion, why?
    • Business strategy is just empty talk, or is it?
    • From a scientist to an effective leader — why can the transition be difficult?
  • Be stronger and better by understanding ourselves
    • “Ouch!”  How to learn from the negative feedback
    • How does personality affect our work?
    • Dealing with different leadership and communication styles
  • Looking into the future on career planning
    • What does the future hold for me?
    • When stuck in a rut, how to break out?

We will also organize five interactive network breakout sessions:

    • A. Special featured session – SAPA CDW Mentoring 1:1 program
    • B. Build an effective and supporting network
    • C. Deal with mental stress
    • D. Better understanding of our managers
    • E. Step out of the comfort zones

 Register Now:

The 2020 SAPA CDW is now open for registration. This event will be complimentary for SAPA members, students, and postdocs. We also welcome previous CDW faculty and advocates, members from the Corporate Sponsors (per agreement), and Volunteers to join us with no charge. The ticket for non-members will be $20*.

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We are looking forward to your participation to make it a successful event and to positively impact your career journey.