Boldly We Go!

LifeSciHub News

Today on the Center for the Transformation of Work  thought leadership call we heard from Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski 🧠creator of Braintrust, a marketplace for creatives.

Although LifeSciHub and Braintrust have followed different pathways, we’ve both arrived at the same conclusions:

-That “Take Rates” (mark ups) should decrease

-That operating as a #dao unlocks value that would be unthinkable from a traditional hierarchical corporate structure

-That Radical Transparency, including publicizing all income and expenses, also unthinkable in a traditional corporate structure, is the foundation of trust upon which DAOs and value creation are built

-That returning that ALL of that value to the DAO community is the way to truly value workers, i.e., value creators.

-That DAOs can create passive revenue streams for contributor members. Far beyond referral fees: monetized networks.

That two completely different organizations, from different industries, arrived at all of these same conclusions and more, indicates evolution at work.

It was also wonderful to see such a wildly successful example in Braintrust. Extremely encouraging for LifeSciHub, as we continue to make strides helping drug sponsors embrace non traditional ways of getting work done.