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Impact of clinical decisions on revenue in reference based pricing countries

The Pharmaceutical industry is faced with increasing costs to move a compound from bench to market and then faced with shorter periods of IP protection as well as increased efforts to control and reduce pricing. All of this has a negative impact on earnings, which jeopardize future development programs.

Through the initiation of a proper launch sequence of a compound within countries a company can maximize the ROI. Decisions must made prior to a compound entering phase III as the regulatory approval process differs across many regions and the timing of initiation of clinical trials within a country can affect when the compound can gain regulatory approval aligned to the optimal launch sequence and maximization of ROI.

Through this discussion, attendees will learn how to apply advanced optimization analytics, used to navigate through international reference pricing and develop launch sequences, in the clinical trial process to achieve enhanced revenues.

Presented by

Patrick Homer,

Global Life Sciences Commercial Practice Principal at SAS

Patrick Homer is the SAS Industry Lead for Commercial Life Science Analytics providing industry and domain expertise on behalf of SAS to customers, prospects and partners who wish to evolve their analytical capabilities. In addition, Patrick has been responsible for the development of bespoke Life Sciences analytical offerings such as Physician Targeting & Launch Optimization. He led the global market development of clinical trial data sharing activities across life sciences and academic institutions and has been responsible for driving strategic alliances between SAS and Life Science partners.

Helping clients navigate the complexities of analytical digital transformation, Patrick brings practical experience combined with deep understanding of predictive, optimization, AI & the challenges involved in helping clients evolve their analytical capabilities.

Prior to joining SAS in 2008, Patrick brought 20 years business experience from the commercial life sciences sector and earned his master’s degree in business administration with a major in strategy and marketing from University College of Cardiff Business School, UK and a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from University College of Swansea, UK.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the use of advanced optimization analytics to determine optimal launch sequences
  • Illustrate how to apply these analytics to the clinical trial process
  • Share examples of the impact of the use of the SAS optimization tool on real world compounds revenue


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