Clinical Inequities



Let’s Talk About: is a webinar series that explores the experiences of People of Color in the life sciences. These sessions uncover the issues of race and awareness, and provide actionable takeaways to help make the industry more inclusive. Let’s Talk About: welcomes entrepreneurs, investors, and industry veterans of color to share how diversity creates a competitive advantage, the best practices for increasing diversity in clinical trials, and how to increase diversity in the life sciences every day.
Discover strategies to create change in the workplace and industry
Explore actions and behaviors that make a positive impact in the life sciences
Learn from top executives and investors representing the BIPOC (Black, Indigineous, People of Color) community
“Honest and raw­—tackling discrimination head on.”
“Thank you Ib and Michael for sharing your personal stories. Means so much for you both to be so vulnerable and authentic. Thank you for this program.”
“This is a great opportunity to empower all races to take action instead of being a spectator. Thank you panel!!



A networked group in the pharmaceutical industry that brings together women of color in pharma in a nurturing and safe environment to promote personal and professional development.

Techstars Foundation

Techstars takes a unique approach in its effort to increase representation of minority founders in the tech community. In addition to funding technology companies all over the world, it also launched a nonprofit division, the Techstars Foundation, which aims to increase representation of minority tech founders “by providing opportunities through grants, scholarships and sponsorships.”


CODE2040 takes its name from the year when it is predicted that minorities will become the majority in the US. It is a nonprofit that is aggressively pursuing its goal of having “Blacks and Latinos proportionally represented in the leading edge of America’s innovation economy as technologists, investors, thought leaders and entrepreneurs.”

500 Startups

500 Startups is among the leading seed accelerators and early funders that are advancing the cause of diversity and inclusion across the global tech community. According to founding partner Dave McClure, 500 Startups has a long history of supporting startups led by women and minorities.


New ME’s mission is to accelerate the funding and success of underrepresented founders and innovators around the world. Its 12 ­week residential incubator program offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to nurture ideas and seek mentorship from tech industry leaders and to live and work with fellow founders 24/7 to foster collaborations and exchange ideas.

Black Founders

Black Founders is a national network of African­-American founders that is dedicated to increasing the number of successful black entrepreneurs in tech. They create networking events year­round, as well as educational programs and a conference series, “Ideas Are Worthless,”