#CoffeeBuddies – an online meet-up for life science industry professionals

#CoffeeBuddies, with resident Thought-Leader Prof Tony Sedgwick, helps leading life science professionals make connections over a coffee.

About this Event

#CoffeeBuddies is an off-shoot of the life science networking event #BiotechBuddies. It is an online life science innovation community started in the spirit of generosity in March 2020 at the start of the COVID crisis. It is there to help our community stay connected, informed and entertained.

Our resident Thought-Leader Prof Tony Sedgwick chats with “super-star” special guests that join us to share their experiences and insight on Zoom. These are KOLs from biotech, pharma, medtech, investor, capital markets, academics, philosophers, futurists or just people of great interest to our community.

#CoffeeBuddies is designed to last the length of a hot coffee (45-60 mins) which comprises of a 20-30min interview sometimes with presentation, followed by 20 – 40 mins of questions from the participants. Participants put questions forward on the Zoom chat which are curated and the questioning participants gets invited to ask there question. It is every Tuesday and Thursday at 2.30pm BST (GMT+1hr). There are 25-60 life science professionals participating on any one #coffeebuddies. These are leaders, or aspiring leaders, in their respective fields.

The #coffeebuddies community includes biotech, pharma, medtech, investors, journalists and the professional service industries that support them. With #CoffeeBuddies happening on a regular basis will give you an opportunity to form new work relationships during this unprecedented period of “working from home.” We are all facing similar challenges, so we will focus the group on being supportive to each other. For each individual meet-up e-mails will be shared, so you can contact people you make a connection. Your e-mail won’t be shared with the group only if you make a specific request for it not to be by writing to graham@biosell.co.uk.

Our objective is to make these calls fun, informative, supportive and connective, as close as we can to being at a face-to-face event. We charge the price of a coffee, to ensure the quality of the group, and to keep out any unwanted “riff raff.”

We look forward to hosting all life science professionals in this relax setting, allowing you to be authentic and open with your fellow professionals. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your views during the world’s biggest “Working from Home Experiment Ever.” Stay blessed x