Critical Oncology Clinical Trial KPIs Under the ‘New Normal’


How to Overcome COVID Challenges & Maximize the Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the clinical trial industry to adapt, adapt, adapt! The emerging ‘new normal’ means change, opportunity, and just as sponsors always have, the requirement for superior enrolment performance is as critical as ever.

Optimal operations design that is robust even in the face of this new reality must allow for innovative solutions devised specifically for each unique oncology clinical trial. Key in your response to the dynamic and evolving challenges is maximizing the learning curve for each opportunity that emerges. Further, Sponsors must rapidly reassess and determine where is the best region today for their trials given these new conditions. More Details

Presented by

Julie Martin, M.Sc., MBA, Lean certified,
Director, Clinical Operations & Co-owner

Key learning objectives

  • Identify COVID challenges & opportunities for CRO performance
  • Learn how to score high on critical KPIs under the ‘new normal’
  • Acquire case example experiences of how to overcome COVID challenges & maximize the opportunities
  • Discover what you can achieve today by expanding your trial to Canada

There will also be a live Q&A at the conclusion of the presentation.

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