DIA 2022


DIA Annual 2022 Call for Abstracts is OPEN until Oct 11.

Priority topics guide HERE. It is ALWAYS a good idea to submit abstracts!! If at all possible, get a happy client to submit with you. LifeSciHub is here to help! Have an idea? Before your inner critic starts saying things like “nah, it’s a silly idea” or “I’ve never been a speaker before so I can’t do this” or whatever else, schedule some time to talk HERE

As independent experts you are on the cutting edge of your domain expertise. You have to be, in order to survive and thrive. What you have to say is important, valuable and you will be doing industry a favor by sharing it! Get in touch!! We are happy to help support.

About DIA 2022

Learn. Connect. Collaborate.

Learn. Connect. Collaborate.

For more than 50 years, DIA has been dedicated to providing a neutral and transparent global forum for the exchange of ideas and collaborations to further scientific and medical innovations. The DIA 2022 Global Annual Meeting brings industry, regulators, academics, and patients together to co-create, problem-solve, and discuss global and local challenges facing professionals in the life sciences community. DIA 2022 is the essential meeting for catalyzing knowledge creation and sharing to accelerate healthcare product development. It is an unparalleled experience combining education and networking opportunities that will elevate your skills and knowledge.

This year, DIA 2022 is excited to return to in-person programming on top of a virtual experience that will bring enhanced opportunities to learn, connect, and collaborate with our key tenets remaining unchanged

  • That patients are our story
  • That we seek to understand
  • That collaboration is the skill we hone
  • That this collaboration must cross organizations, decades, languages, and boundaries to have true global impact

Either in-person or virtual, you will find an array of diverse sessions across our thirteen education tracks, dedicated networking, continuing education opportunities, and a dynamic exhibit hall. By joining us, you will be immersed in conversations with leaders from around the globe with the same common goal – to advance science and fuel innovation that directly impacts public health.

Won’t you join us?