DIA DIRECT: The New Norm: Remote Monitoring of Sites and Patients


Congratulations to LifeSciHub member Kamila Novak of KAN Consulting Inc. for spearheading this timely content! As Chair of the DIA Clinical Research Community, Kamila, independent auditor and medical writer, is an example of the “extra” excellence germane to the independent workforce. Amazing work Kamila!!

The adoption of remote monitoring requires virtual access to sites, data, and patients. What should sponsors assess before making the switch to a fully remote model?


The global pandemic has resulted in an urgent need to update clinical trial regulations and guidelines, forcing the rapid adoption of new operating models, such as remote monitoring, which poses various challenges, including the willingness of sites to switch to remote mentoring and the availability of technologies to enable remote patient visits as well as the remote monitoring of these visits. In this webinar we will explore the challenges monitors face regarding the availability of electronic medical and health records (EMR/EHR) and the willingness of sites to provide remote access for verification of these records out of data security and privacy concerns.

Featured topics

  • Clinical trials
  • Clinical research
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Regulation
  • Regulatory guidelines
  • Remote Monitoring
  • COVID-19
  • Quality management
  • Research ethics
  • Data Safety

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