DIA Medical Writing Community: Are you interested in becoming a medical writer or improving your medical writing skills?


To help support and nurture new medical writers, the DIA Medical Writing (MW) Community is initiating a MW Virtual Mentorship Program. We have a group of highly experienced (15+ years) MW Mentors from all walks of life (ie, big pharma, freelancers, medical writing managers) who have offered to mentor new medical writers, or anyone wishing to pursue or further develop a career in MW. This is an extraordinary, rare opportunity to be mentored by a highly successful and talented MW professional!

To find out more about the program and our Mentors, please download the attached flyer.

This Mentorship Program is open to DIA members who have joined the MW Community. If you haven’t already joined the Community, please join now!

If interested please email info@lifescihub.com for introduction to the DIA Medical Writing Community by Friday, 10 December 2021.