DIA Project Management Core Committee presents: The Project Management Capabilities Café

Welcome to the DIA Project Management Capabilities Café hosted by the DIA PM Core Committee! The objective of this forum is connecting with other PMs to learn about best practices while sharing experiences to grow in our roles as Project Managers. There will always be a theme to focus our discussions – if you have an idea for a discussion theme, please send it to the Core Committee. We will schedule the Capabilities Café every ~6 weeks. Our discussion theme with discussion threads for October 29th: Be a Strategic Leader in Project Management a. Define strategic leadership and the importance for PMs to get everyone on the same page b. Discussion of best practices (e.g. setting up context for each agenda item for a meeting prior to the discussion, pre-thinking through curious questions to help guide the discussion and lead to more informed decision-making) c. Call to Action: Develop top 3 imperatives to grow my Strategic Leadership strengths (connect with an accountability partner during the meeting) Looking forward to connecting with you!

DIA PM Community Core Committee
Leigh Shultz, Liz Somers, Nita Ichhpurani, Mark Kryah, Nancy Watanabe, Erin Mulrooney and Nancy Slater PM Chair is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
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