Direct to Patient and Virtual Clinical Trials – A Virtual Experience


With COVID-19 causing disruptions to clinical trials around the world, pharmaceutical companies are looking increasingly to remote and decentralised models in order to keep their trials running. The first ever Direct to Patient and Virtual Clinical Trials Digital Experience will bring together industry experts from around the world to discuss adapting to these new models, solutions available to overcome common challenges, and lessons learnt from the pandemic.

Our 1 day event will be fully online and free to attend, allowing you to connect with others across the industry by:

  • Listening to our world class speakers in the auditorium
  • Engaging in discussions with your peers in our networking lounge
  • Learning about our exhibitors’ solutions to improve your virtual clinical trial in the exhibition hall

Our focused content covers regulatory affairs, remote monitoring technology, home nursing options, telemedicine, risk-based monitoring, temperature control, data quality and much more!

Join us from anywhere

Our new digital event is an immersive digital experience that replicates our physical event. From presentations to the exhibition hall, this virtual platform has it all. All you need to do is register, login and get ready to connect and learn.

This virtual program incorporates perspectives from both small and big pharma as well as the major regulatory bodies that influence many of the requirements for virtual clinical trials.