Document Formatting (and possibly templates) Expertise Needed- Large Pharma Module 4 Group Login to Express Interest


Large US hub for one of either Astellas/Takeda/Daiichi Sankyo/Chugai (need mutual NDA in place for LifeSciHub to disclose).

Non Clinical Writing and Submissions group within Preclinical and Translational Sciences needs document formatting support for any and all potential content:  study reports, publications, submissions, etc.

Hours and duration- to be determined.  At present the need is to find the right expert, then will work from there.  If full time hours are available, that might work very well.  If less than full time hours are available, and it’s a good fit, sponsor will work around your availability.

Most work will need to conform with ET timezone- work itself may be done outside of those hours but expert must be fully available to schedule calls, meetings, etc, during ET.

Templates expertise is a big plus.  Present need and initial engagement would be for document formatting only.  However they also have issues with internal templates- mostly a proliferation of new “templates” over time, as various writes have started from a base and then created their own. Consolidation, toolbar, other templates issues need to be addressed at some point.

Related to this project, which is for the same group and selection is in process/project underway:

Please “express interest” to be considered!

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    I have extensive expertise with templates having created, managed, sold, trained, and troubleshoot templates for three of the premium eCTD template providers in the industry over the past 20 years. I am highly accomplished at formatting in a methodical expedient manner.