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·       Monday, October 12 | Clinical Oncology Day

·       Tuesday, October 13 | Tissue Biomarker Day

·       Wednesday, October 14 | Discovery Day

·       Thursday, October 15 | Data Science Day

·                  ·       Friday, October 16 | Clinical CNS Day

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Translating Radiolabeled Biologics – Strategies for Successful IND Submission

Monday, October 12 | 8:00AM EDT

Vince Carroll, Ph.D. | Senior Director of Radiochemistry, Invicro

Ohad Ilovich, Ph.D. | Senior Director of Translational Research, Invicro

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Segmentation of Lesions in Whole-Body PET/CT Using Deep Learning

Monday, October 12 | 9:30AM EDT

Tyler Wellman, Ph.D. | Associate Director Oncology,  Invicro

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Utilizing Imaging Agent Biomarkers for Improved Patient Management – Challenges and Successes

Monday, October 12 | 11:30AM EDT

Ohad Ilovich, Ph.D. | Senior Director Translational Research, Invicro

Gisela Montgomery, M.D., Ph.D. | Medical Director (SMS), Invicro


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The Changing Landscape of Response Assessment in Oncology

Monday, October 12 | 3:00PM EDT

Larry Schwartz, M.D. | Radiologist, Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

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Next Generation Tissue Biomarker Assays to Advance Clinical Drug Development Applications

Tuesday, October 13 | 10:30AM EDT

Kenneth Bloom, M.D., F.A.C.P. | Chief Medical Officer for Advanced Pathology and Genomic Services, Invicro

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Optimization of a Novel Tissue Test to Visualize and Quantify Membrane PSMA Expression in Prostate Cancer

Tuesday, October 13 | 12:00PM EDT

Hemi Dimant, Ph.D. | Director of Applications (APS), Invicro

Julie Bailis, Ph.D. | Director of Research, Inflammation/Oncology, Amgen

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Uncovering New Biological Insights Using Advanced Pathology Image Analysis Tools

Tuesday, October 13 | 1:30PM EDT

Joseph Krueger, Ph.D. | Vice President, Research and Applications for Advanced Pathology Services, Invicro

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The Digital Biomarker Revolution: How Large-Scale, Clinical-Grade AI Enables Novel CDXs from Histopathology

Tuesday, October 13 | 3:00PM EDT

Thomas Fuchs, Dr.sc. | Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Paige

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CNS Probe Development, Validation and Utility in Drug R&D. What Have We Learnt From Small Molecules to Antibodies?

Wednesday, October 14 | 9:00AM EDT

Shil Patel, Ph.D. | Vice President, Experiential Medicine, Codiak Biosciences 

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Development of Novel PET Radioligands for PET Imaging Applications ​

Wednesday, October 14 | 10:30AM EDT

Lisa Wells, BSc Hons, Ph.D. | Head of Discovery CNS Applications, Invicro

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Utilization of 3D Fluorescent Imaging in Multi-modality Studies

Wednesday, October 14 | 1:00PM EDT

Hemi Dimant, Ph.D. | Director of Applications for Advanced Pathology Services, Invicro

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BLU-782, an Investigational Selective ALK2 Inhibitor in Development for Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP)

Wednesday, October 14 | 3:00PM EDT

Alison J. Davis, Ph.D. | Senior Scientist II, Blueprint Medicines

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What’s New in iPACS and VivoQuant With an Eye on the Future

Thursday, October 15 | 11:00AM EDT

Timothy Moran | Senior Director Product Management, Invicro

Yannick Cadoret | Assoc. Dir. & Jonathan Pechan | Sr. Prod. Mgr. II, Invicro

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Applications of Machine Learning in Medical Image Analysis

Thursday, October 15 | 2:30PM EDT

Elliot Greenblatt, Ph.D. | Associate Director of CT and Advanced Special Projects, Invicro

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Wherefore art Tau? : Developing Methods for the Qualitative Interpretation of Tau PET

Friday, October 16 | 9:30am EDT

John Seibyl, M.D. | Distinguished Scientist, Invicro

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The IQ Analytics Platform: Amyloid-IQ, Tau-IQ, and Dat-IQ

Friday, October 16 | 11:30AM EDT

Roger Gunn, Ph.D. | Executive Vice President, Quantitative Data Sciences, Invicro

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What Can We Learn From Primary Age-Related Tauopathy (PART)

Friday, October 16 | 1:00PM EDT

Corey McMillan, Ph.D. | Research Assistant Professor of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania | Principal Investigator of the Penn Biomarkers in…

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Chemistry External Manufacturing and Network Management

Friday, October 16 | 2:30PM EDT

Denise Ferraiolo, B.A. | Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations, Invicro

Jeff Norenberg, PharmD, Ph.D. | Vice President, Chemistry, Invicro

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Powering Research Through Patient Engagement

Friday, October 16 | 4:00PM EDT

Kim Stephens, Ph.D. | President, Project Alive

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