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LifeSciHub Fireside: July 19, 2021 – Independent Business and MSA Sharing- A “Future of Work” Case Study

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In 2021, we should all know by now that business is no longer business as usual.  We live in a very different world than, say, 1962- which is when many of the business cultures that still dominate thinking, decision making and “spend” were born.

Today, we have problems and pressures they didn’t have back then.  This demands new ways of working and collaborating.  This is the “invisible hand” of competition, a constant demand for innovation.

Sherry Fox, a life sciences commercialization expert, sees where innovation needs to happen in the market research space.  She has crafted out a model whereby small, independent market research providers can better work together by overcoming the major barrier to work and productivity:  administrative access via Master Services Agreements.

In this session, Sherry will cover:

  • Why are Master Services Agreements so problematic to industry, and, therefore, the patients we serve?
  • How does “MSA Sharing” work?
  • Industry precedents- this has already happened in industry, just not as strategically

Sherry Fox is a visionary with a long track record of success at all levels of pharmbio market research.  LifeSciHub is thrilled for her to present this vision to our membership!

This Fireside is of interest to:

  • All LifeSciHub members!
  • Anyone interested in start ups
  • Life sciences independent SMEs, who may or may not be noodling a start up idea of their own
  • Forward-thinking drug sponsor Procurement
  • Small independent businesses in life sciences

About Sherry:

Sherry is passionate about leveraging the intersection of data, insights and technology to transform the future of healthcare. A results-oriented healthcare entrepreneur and intrapreneur, she is well-versed in forming and leading teams, and in supporting strategic brand development in every therapeutic category, from molecule to market. Recipient of the Intellus Community Impact Award for 2020, Sherry is recognized as an industry connector and futuristic thinker, able to facilitate collaborations leading to trusted client relationships, high-performing teams, increased profitability, and acquisition of companies. Her additional expertise in data analytics enables development of innovative solutions leveraging new technologies such as AI and machine learning.