Position your teams for exceptional performance by bringing purpose, values and an evidence-based approach to your workplace

About this Event

Our mission is to help organisations to get the very best out of their teams. Because when we #teamuptoperform amazing things happen. During our FREE webinar, we explore:

  • New ways to develop your teams and ensure you are giving them the best chance for success
  • Methods to address dips in performance and/or motivation in your teams and find fresh ways of reigniting team passion.
  • Ways to help your teams feel and maintain a sense of cohesion and shared purpose
  • How to make steps to embed a workplace culture that celebrates collaboration, values and compassion

During our time together we will provide you with some bite-sized tools to take away and with your teams. These include:

• Several simple exercises to help your teams reflect on how they are working together and how they might make positive changes

• A fresh perspective on team objectives and goals, moving away from SMART and towards a purpose-driven mission

• How psychometrics are used to help evaluate team performance and our recommendations for high quality team assessments

• Things to consider when you are building team development resources and programs.

• An introduction to our own framework of team development and how it might help your teams to flourish.

This webinar is suitable for:

Team leaders, senior managers, training managers, HR professionals or anyone who is curious about how individuals can work together to achieve incredible outcomes.

Your Hosts:

Vicky Pawsey is a Work Psychologist and consultant HR Director. Vicky has led senior teams inside a number of performance critical industries including aviation and elite sport. She is currently interim HR Director at Southampton Football Club as well as running her own Organisational Psychology Consultancy.

Isabelle Fielding is a Project Leadership consultant. She has spent much of her career building and leading teams for the Clinical Research Industry on high-stake projects. She has also developed a wealth of psychometric training programs for health care professionals working on clinical trials. She currently runs her own Team and Project Leadership Consultancy.

Between us, we have over 40 years’ experience, four psychology degrees and have applied practice (learning from our mistakes along the way!) across many team settings to build, develop and nurture teams. We have a strong passion for evidence-based practice, and helping organisations create psychologically safe, compassionately led working environments.