GDPR applied to Clinical Research


How to minimize risks and avoid the fines in 9 steps?

Data protection is no longer just a question of compliance or security in the clinical sector. It has become a strategic issue at the management level of organizations. Our sector is particularly targeted by cyber-attacks; 34.4% of all data breaches worldwide seem to come from the healthcare sector. In 2020, 38 fines were recorded in this sector for a total of 9,021,521 euros.

MyData-TRUST is here to help clinical research organizations to optimize their compliance with the GDPR and to work securely with patient data, considered as “sensitive” by the GDPR.

The goal of this webinar is to give you the keys to deal with the GDPR, by understanding the scope of application but also your obligations, risks, and benefits.

This short presentation will give you 9 operational steps to minimize data breach risks and then avoid fines. There is no need to fear data protection authorities if you are well prepared. Register to the webinar to prepare your company!

Presented by

Anastassia Negrouk,

Chief Operating Officer

Anastassia is holding a master’s degree in Biology and spent 5 years in the cancer research laboratory to specialize thereafter in regulatory affairs, policy, and patient engagement in the scope of clinical research. She was part of several IMI and EU funded projects that have been closely following the development and implementation of EU directives and regulations relevant to clinical research, including GDPR, but also others such as clinical trials regulation, in-vitro medical device regulation, etc… She is regularly monitoring, analyzing, and publishing on the potential impact of these regulations on the life science sector, with a specific interest in international clinical research. Excellent speaker and trainer, Anastassia is frequently taking part in international meetings and conferences in the domain. After almost 20 years of work at the headquarters of one of the largest European non-for-profit clinical research sponsors (EORTC), Anastassia joined MyData-Trust to bring her expertise at the service of a large circle of organizations active in life science.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Have a basic understanding of the scope of application of GDPR
  • Understand the obligations GDPR imposes on processors and/or controllers
  • Understand GDPR in terms of risks and benefits for the business
  • Understand MyData-TRUST solutions (services) in the scope of the above


  • CMO (Chief Medical Officer)
  • Heads/Directors/C-level of Clinical
  • Regulatory
  • QA (Quality Assurance)
  • IT
  • Legal