Health Researcher Clubhouse (Membership)


This is for you if… 

You work in health / medical / clinical research (whichever you like to call it!) in academia, industry or independently

You got into research because you want to put some good into the world, plus you just find it really interesting!

You want to do well at work and always give that bit extra

You’re compassionate, non-judgemental and supportive

How this membership will help…

You’ll figure out what success looks like for you and how to make that happen

You’ll find your tribe of like-minded researchers who understand what you’re talking about (because let’s face it – as much as your partner tries, they don’t really get what you actually do!)

You’ll learn new research methods and brush up on ones you need a re-fresh on

You’ll feel more confident and able to show up as the kick ass researcher you are

You’ll have access to our expertise in coaching, statistics, writing and other research skills for an amazingly low price

So, what’s inside the Clubhouse?

A bundle of good stuff that you can dip in and out of depending on what you need:

Fortnightly group coaching sessions to help you overcome and mindset challenges that are keeping you stuck
Fortnightly Q&A so you’re never left wondering something alone – consider it a micro consulting session!
Monthly video training with Isabelle and Danielle where we deep dive into topics that you want to hear more about
Amazing guest training sessions to cover other sticking points that you have
Twice-weekly co-working sessions to hold space in your diary for working towards your goals
Access to a fab members-only community forum of like-minded researchers to cheer you on
Networking opportunities (but not the kind that would make you cringe!)
Buddy system to keep you accountable to your goals!
Access to statistical and methodological expertise via the Q&As and forum
Quarterly goal setting sessions (with a difference) when we help you discover not only what you want to achieve but who you want to be, and how you want to feel

All of this is in one place to access whenever you’re ready.

The Health Researcher Clubhouse is pay as you go so you can leave at any time. You don’t even have to tell us, just slip out the back door if you like!

Plus the price you pay when you join is fixed at price for as long as you stay. So if the price ever goes up for new members then you’ll stick at your joining price.

Grab your Clubhouse spot right here