Adelaide, Australia


“The Road to Policy and Clinical Integration”

The road to policy and clinical integration for health technologies is filled with diverse and complex challenges to overcome, often made more arduous by the intricate and nuanced processes and rules relative to jurisdictions, agencies, policymakers, and systems. Subjugating these challenges requires a harmonized framework to examine and evaluate health technologies, and alignment of processes throughout the health technology lifecycle is crucial.

Enabling the integration of clinical and policy approaches to health technologies is dependent upon methods for facilitating timely and funded access to clinical innovation for patients and health professionals; horizontal consistency in approaches for evaluating and approving health technologies by regulators and payers; and better vertical alignment in decision-making across all elements in the health system involved with regulation, funding, implementation, and re-assessment. With current legislative developments across Europe and financial pressure throughout the world, most notably felt among developing economies, enabling efficient processes to accelerate access to cost-effective technologies is more pertinent than ever.

Discussions on these topics will explore questions such as:

  • How can we build pathways to fast-track innovation while minimizing risk?
  • What supports are required to harmonize HTA processes between similar jurisdictions?
  • What is the feasibility of aligning technology evaluation processes and decisions in an era of sustainable development?

HTAi invites you to join the discussion with the leading minds in HTA and develop a roadmap to clinical and policy integration of evidence and decision-making in technology assessment, during the in-person HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting in Adelaide, Australia, June 24-28.

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