Industry, What “Professional Development” Do You Need?

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The Drug Information Association’s Professional Development track for the Annual Meeting in 2021 is asking, what do YOU think the professional development track should address?

Current topics include mindfulness, remote work ,but what about other things, like- an intro to Design Thinking, how to prepare for and survive M&A, and reskilling in the age of rapid change?

LifeSciHub has heard that supposedly there’s a talent scarcity in R&D.  What we’ve observed however is a desire for full time employees, not “talent”, specifically.  Because “talent” exists in abundance in the independent workforce and small business community.  Can industry adapt to where where talent now exists?  This is something we’d like to explore.  What’s on your mind?

Please help us make the DIA Annual 2022’s Professional Development Track as high impact as possible!

Your feedback and input will help us select abstracts and content for the DIA Annual 2022.

The Co-Chairs of the Professional Development Track would like to hear from you so that we can select abstracts and content that are closely aligned with industry needs.

Please join us and weigh in on Tuesday Sept 21 at 12:30 et, register HERE

See you there!