Legion of Freelancers Discusses the PRO Act and AB5- check it out!

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Amazing panel discuss the PRO Act, AB5 and the Future of Work including one of the most passionate and prolific advocates of the Independent Workforce, Gene Zaino, who also founded and now Chairs MBO Partners, Evan Armstrong of the Coalition for Workforce Innovation, Azariah Lehman of iWorker Innovations and IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, Matthew Mottola of Venture L and moderator Julie Cortés, literal and figurative Freelance Rockstar



LEGION OF FREELANCERS will be a community of like-minded independent professionals from every work discipline united to strengthen the foundation and voice of the freelance workforce in America.

We learn together, educate one another, generate lasting legacies, innovate our businesses, organize our voice, and nurture our community to secure our freedom to work, how, when and where we want.

Tired of not having a voice against laws like the PRO Act?