Join Us! De-Risking Biotech: Corporate Partnerships

Date: October 5th
Time: 5:00 – 6:00pm
Location: Virtual

Early-stage biotech has become increasingly attractive for large corporate biotech and pharma companies looking to gain a competitive edge by enhancing their development and pipeline portfolios. These partnerships have significant advantages for startups in terms of capital raises and leveraging deep corporate expertise to de-risk therapeutic developments startups are aiming to advance to market.

Join us for a conversation with Chandra Ghose-Paul, Founder and CEO of BioHarmony. She will share her journey successfully closing a deal with a strategic partner. She will be joined by Brendan Rae, Vice President Licensing and Business Development at Qilu Pharmaceuticals, who helps startups and institutions navigate such deals. The event will take place virtually, on the Airmeet platform.