Life Sciences R&D Independent Workforce Survey 2020 Report Webinar Recording w/Links

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LifeSciHub was pleased to present with Terri Gallagher, Workforce Transformation Expert, Nov 10,2020, the results of our 2nd Annual Life Sciences R&D Independent Workforce Survey Report.  Webinar Table of Contents with links:

Life Sciences R&D Independent Workforce Survey Report-2020:  Webinar
0:30Intro to LifeSciHub
Intro to Sheila Mahoney, Independent Workforce Advocate
1:50Intro to Terri Gallagher, Workforce Transformation Expert
3:15Life Sciences R&D and the “Future of Work”
Suvey Thesis
Webinar Table of Contents
Independent Consultant Questions
6:10Independent consultant motivations, persona
9:10Favorite aspects of independent consulting
11:45Least favorite aspects
13:55How consultants find projects
17:20Independent consultants are highly motivated to “reskill”
21:30More on the “Persona” of the Independent Consultant
Hiring Entity Questions
23:00Hiring Entity Respondent Demographics
25:25How important are Independent Consultants to Drug Development?
27:40What is the organization’s priority with respect to temporary expertise?  Speed, cost or quality?
29:15Industry adoption of freelancer best practices
33:15Favorite aspects of working with independent consultants
34:40Least favorite aspects
37:40Hiring entity workforce planning
Impact of Covid19
40:40Transition to remote work within life sciences R&D
42:40Covid19 increase in contingent workers?  Impact on IC projects
46:20Impact on clinical trails and other functions
48:10Next survey June 1 2010
Soliciting input from HR and Procurement
49:30Workforce planning – how the Future of Work is decoupled from Just in Time hiring
52:30Tom Cooke from Spacely weighs in on how another regulated industry, Aerospace, is adapting to the Future of Work.
He asks the question, if FTE average tenure is 3-4 years, why are organizations still planning (and investing) for 30 years?