LifeSciHub Announces Partner and COO Paul Murcott

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January 22, 2021LifeSciHub, an online marketplace designed for engaging the life sciences R&D independent workforce, today announced the addition of Paul Murcott as partner and Chief Operations Officer. 

Paul Murcott is a highly skilled software and technology leader who has a proven track record creating systems from concept through delivery.   Paul has operated at the intersection of innovation and technology for more than 15 years, developing quality processes and products based on keen understanding of user needs and business requirements. 

Sheila Mahoney-Jewels, Founder and CEO of LifeSciHub commented, “I was introduced to Paul by an investor who is highly respected in HR tech circles.  As we entered into discussions about working together I became deeply impressed by Paul’s profound insights into not just technology development but understanding customer needs and behaviors, as well start-up operations and entrepreneurship.  I am thrilled that our collaborations over this past two years have grown into a solid, highly productive partnership.”

Paul Murcott commented, “What Sheila and LifeSciHub have accomplished over the past 2 years is truly impressive, laying a strong foundation for significant growth over the next few years.  LifeSciHub is well positioned to take advantage of the fast-changing dynamics of the modern Life Sciences R&D workforce. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities in providing significant value to all of our stakeholders.”

Sheila Mahoney added, “LifeSciHub has some bold and exciting goals for 2021.  Paul’s leadership will accelerate many of those timelines, allowing LifeSciHub to deliver even more value to our independent consultant, drug sponsor and R&D vendor ecosystem customers.  We are all looking forward to Paul’s tremendous energy, drive and contributions.”

About LifeSciHub

LifeSciHub is a Gig, also known as Open Economy, marketplace platform dedicated to the independent workforce in life sciences R&D and the drug sponsors and vendor ecosystem that utilize them. LifeSciHub is a two sided marketplace, considers both the enterprise and the independent consultant to be customers, and seeks to deliver significant value to both sides of that equation. From its marketplace technology, LifeSciHub enables the enterprise to embrace the unprecedented resilience and flexibility that only the Open Economy can deliver.  LifeSciHub’s mission is to liberate precious research dollars from being spent on inefficient traditional processes and intermediaries, allowing that value to be redirected to the primary customer of all drug sponsors and independent consultants: the patient.  

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