LifeSciHub Announces Release of Wireframe

LifeSciHub News

NEW YORK, NY—LifeSciHub, the gig-economy online resource marketplace  for life sciences R&D, announced today the release of the initial wireframe design of the LifeSciHub application. The LifeSciHub platform is designed to digitally connect hiring managers, HR professionals and independent consultants in the project-based talent acquisition process. The wireframe design is represents the team’s vision for the emerging platform.

“It is an important milestone in the creation of this disruptive innovation. The click-through simulation of the user journey allows stakeholders to easily visualize and digest the concept,” commented Co-Founder and  Sr. Director of Software Engineering, Robert De Vivo.

The LifeSciHub team will be conducting interviews across the life sciences R&D sector to better understand the stakeholder perspectives in the emerging life sciences “gig economy”.   Borrowing from the emerging trends in all other verticals in the US Labor Market, contingent work is rising as a cross-vertical trend, as evidenced by the increasing reliance on online marketplaces.  Yet traditional hiring practices don’t support this disruptive paradigm shift. LifeSciHub is being designed to address this unmet need in a targeted, highly contextualized way.

S. Jewels, Co-Founder, commented, “The release of the wireframe is the first step in the development of the LifeSciHub application. It enables us to refine the user experience and prove the concept through market research.”

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