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There is strength in numbers!  Unfortunately independent consultants and small businesses often operate as separate islands, sometimes sailing, sometimes fumbling through business lessons.  Those lessons can be painful!  And worse, counter productive.  As the small business owner knows, with the sharp pain of living on the front lines of ones own revenue generation, time is indeed money.

LifeSciHub welcomes all members to join any or all Mondays throughout Q1 2021 for community collaboration on topics of great interest to the small business owner.

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Current schedule (subject to change, check back here for updates):

January Mondays:
18th Optimizing Linkedin Posts
25th Connector Model Update
February Mondays:
1st What is Ab5 and why should I care? Legislation that affects independent consultants
8th Business Plans
15th Incorporation Stories
22nd Connector Model Update
March Mondays:
1st Bookkeeping Q&A
8th The PRO Act- what you need to know (and it’s not great for independent consultants)
15th Drop in Independent Consulting Networking
22nd Your Brand: Create your Thought Leadership Content
29th All About Professional Liability Insurance