LifeSciHub Launches 2nd Annual Workforce Survey

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Survey to Provide Insight into the Life Sciences Gig Economy


June 1, 2020 – LifeSciHub, an online resource marketplace designed for life sciences R&D, today announced the launch of the Second Annual LifeSciHub Life Sciences Workforce Survey.  The survey seeks to capture current thinking and practices within the life sciences industry regarding the use of the independent workforce in global talent acquisition strategies.

The online survey is an important tool that helps industry stakeholders understand the shifting dynamics in the marketplace and how companies are integrating contingent workers into their teams.

Excerpts from 2019 Survey Results

  • 100% of Independent consultants surveyed like the compensation of consulting, the flexibility/control over their own time, and doing more interesting projects.
  • 82% of hiring managers see speed of talent acquisition as quite challenging/needing improvement.
  • 75% of hiring managers think the availability/scarcity of talent is quite challenging or needs improvement.

Sheila Mahoney, LifeSciHub CEO, commented, “Last year hiring managers voiced concerns about the availability of skilled resources. This year we are all working under the added pressures of the COVID-19 public health emergency. We’ll be interested to see how attitudes and perceptions about the independent workforce and blended teams may be changing.”

LifeSciHub will compare the prior year results to this year’s results to assess any changes in marketplace perspectives or practices. As with the previous survey, LifeSciHub will be offering an executive briefing of the results once they have been compiled and analyzed.

Hiring managers, HR and Procurement Professionals and Independent Consultants are encouraged to participate in the survey. You can access the survey here.

The survey will be open for the entire month of June and will close on June 30th, 2020 at midnight. Survey link:


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