LifeSciHub Q32020 “Hubber” Update

LifeSciHub News

This one hour quarterly update will detail LifeSciHub’s start up status, short/near/long term goals, challenges, opportunities, progress and strategies.

LifeSciHub is committed to full transparency for all Users of the platform.

This meeting is only open to active users, defined as operating on active project/s whether as a hiring entity that used LifeSciHub to find and engage expert/s or as an expert provider working on a project for a hiring entity, via the LifeSciHub platform.  If you qualify and have not received an invitation and login credentials, please email for details.

Also invited are other stakeholders and interested parties, such as members of LifeSciHub’s Advisory Board, potential investors, strategic partners, and others. These attendees are invite-only.

For those who can’t attend this live event there will be a recording along w. Table of Contents for ease of navigation.