“The Tchocke Tank” Awards and Exhibit Hall Review, DIA Annual 2023

LifeSciHub News

The DIA Professional Development Community is looking for volunteers who are attending the DIA Annual in Boston, June 26-29, 2023, for a fun and interesting project that will help build your brand, visibility and network.  And did I mention fun?

Following last year’s wildly successful “Tchotchke Awards” we need more judges!  Requirement:  you must have access to the Exhibit Hall, either as an attendee or a guest of a vendor who can give you a complimentary pass to the Exhibit Hall (all Exhibitors are given a pass or two from what I understand).

Here’s how it works:

  • Depending on the number of volunteer judges, each will be assigned one or two rows of the exhibit hall.
  • Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit every exhibitor in your row/rows.  Gather whatever Tchotchkes they are giving away.
  • At the end of the conference we will all get together, compare Tchotchkes, and vote.  Last year’s categories were:
    • “Best Pen” Award
    • “Most Likely to be Used a Lot, Post-Conference”  Award
    • “Swaggiest Swag” Award
    • “Most Useful” Award (to be re-classifed this year as, “Cleverest”
    • “Hmm, What is This?  Oh, That’s Pretty Cool” Award
    • Coolest
    • Best Overall

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria (so to speak):  You can’t be a judge for any company exhibiting who you either work for or compete with!

For last year’s Tchotchke Awards, see here

Judges are also encouraged to write up thoughts and impressions of the exhibitors.  Did anything about the exhibit hall surprise you?  What trends are you seeing?  We will jointly author a report to distribute to our individual networks.  Lots of people want to go to the DIA, hear and see the trends there, but can’t for whatever reason.  This is extremely useful content to produce!

And finally, LifeSciHub is in the beginning stages of launching a Podcast series.  You may be invited to come in as a guest speaker to the podcast- another great piece of content to distribute to your network!

If interested, please email Sheila@lifescihub.com