LifeSciHub’s First Appearance in Forbes

LifeSciHub News

LifeSciHub is thrilled to announce coverage in Forbes by gig economy author and Human Resources thought leader, Jon Younger.

Covid19 has challenged organizations to rethink work strategies in ways never before considered.  The opening of minds towards working from home has sparked a talent revolution, nascent though it is at the time of this writing.  Companies are rethinking workforce strategies and organizational culture, opening towards Future of Work platforms such as LifeSciHub and the other marketplaces covered by this article.

“It is very hard to say anything positive about Covid19, and yet there is an indisputable impact away from traditional thinking, towards innovation in all sectors of the economy.  Necessity certainly is the mother of invention!  LifeSciHub is poised to deliver outstanding value to both drug sponsors in need of temporary expertise and the independent experts who have the talent required.”

Forbes article link here.