New Webinar! Study and Data Integrity Considerations for Clinical Trials Impacted by COVID-19


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges in conducting clinical trials and assuring data integrity. In response to these challenges, a COVID-19 pharmaceutical industry biostatistics working group was formed to tackle emerging issues in ongoing clinical trials.

Join us for the fourth in our DIA DIRECT COVID-19 Webinar Series, to learn more about:

  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies for trial integrity and interpretability
  • Assessing treatment effects and methodology considerations including missing data and implications on analyses, documentation, and communication

Opening Remarks:

  • Sylva H. Collins, Director, Office of Biostatistics, Center for Drug Evaluation & Research, US FDA


  • Christine Fletcher, Vice President, Development Biostatistics, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Daniel Li, Vice President, Cell Therapy Biostatistics, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • R. Daniel Meyer, Executive Director, Rare Disease Statistics Head, Pfizer
  • Bohdana Ratitch, Principal Statistician, Bayer Inc
  • David Wright, Head of Statistical Innovation, AstraZeneca