Project Closed

Oncology Market Researcher Client Liaison- .50 time

We are looking for a consultant, approximately 50% time role, to work on our oncology market research efforts and serve as a Liaison to our client/s.  We are a pharmbio market research firm that specializes in digital market research insights.  We harvest and aggregate data from various online sources, analyze and product insights to our drug sponsor clients and their business objectives.  The main insights need to be salient, on target and useful to sponsors and increase their understanding of the patient journey and trends.  What we are lacking at the moment, and looking for here, is someone who both familiar/proficient with the market research space and the oncology therapeutic area.  It is impossible to be an “expert in oncology”- the field is too broad, and disease states too specific, to be an expert on absolutely everything oncology.  What we are looking for is a significant body of work in oncology, a demonstrated understanding of and significant depth related to the oncology patient journey.   

The Liaison will interface with the client, present findings, readouts, and provide overall client management. Good communication skills and ability to represent the face of our firm is a must.