Patient Centered Approach for Cell and Gene Therapy Trials


Cellular and gene therapies are expected to represent one of the greatest advences in medical treatments since the introduction of monoclocal antibodies.

Cellular therapies are having a significant impact on hematological malignancies, while gene therapy programs for rare and non-rare diseases could benefit some 2.4 billion patients worldwide.

Researchers anticipate an increase of gene therapy products that can address monogenic inherited diseases, such as those that involve metabolic disorder and neurological conditions – it’s an enormous opportunity.

This webinar addresses the complex path to developing and commercializing a cell and gene therapy product, common obstacles, strategies for patient recruitment and more. At the end of the webinar, participants will be able.

* Understand clinical potential for cell and gene therapies
* Take steps to avoid barriers for trial delivery
* Implements effective strategy for patient recruitment inclusive of pediatric populations
* Structure protocols for minimal patient burden and maximal study procedure compliance