Pharma MES USA


“As technology advances, it reverses the characteristics of every situation again and again. The age of automation is going to be the age of ‘do it yourself’.”

Marshall McLuhan

Pharma MES 2023 – the only US event on MES in Pharma and Biotech manufacturing!

Manufacturing execution systems play an essential role in achieving sustainable competitive advantages in the life science industry today. As market pressures push the pharmaceutical industry to improve product quality, reduce costs and improve efficiencies, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) enable pharmaceutical & biotech manufacturers to respond by providing the layer for direct execution of production orders so that they can react dynamically to changing situations in orders, machine states, quality checks and more. In addition, they provide valuable real-time information on requirement changes. And they are an important prerequisite for digitization and Pharma 4.0.
A higher plant efficiency and productivity as well as greater flexibility and agility throughout the production processes – Pharma MES San Diego is bringing together more than 200 MES and manufacturing IT experts from Pharma and Biotech.

Key Topics

Integration: How to align and harmonize all business processes for new manufacturing architectures? How can you successfully integrate MES and digital maturity of factories and plants on local and global level?
Digitalization: How to keep MES in the center of the shopfloor and how can you integrate MES into your digitalization roadmap on the way to a factory of the future?
Data integrity: Which requirements of different manufacturing systems (PLC, DCS) and collaboration with MES are needed? Which data management architectures and requirements are useful to reach connected platforms for process optimization?
Updates / Replacements: How to manage your MES / Shop Floor IT lifecycle and legacy systems and what’s the optimal point for updates or replacements?
AI & Data: How can AI and a comprehensive data strategy turn your MES to the next evolutionary stage?
Digital maturity: Whats the digital maturity level of your MES in regard of processes and quality?
IIoT: How to break silos between IT/OT architectures and support agility with the right methods?
Automation 4.0: Which requirements regards to automation are necessary and how to qualify an MES deployment?
New MES Delivery Models: Which role plays collaborative and cloud modular approaches?
Pharma 4.0: What are current benchmarks for digital manufacturing strategies and your roadmap towards Pharma 4.0.?