PHUSE/FDA Innovation Challenge 2022

Atlanta, GA


Following the success of the first Challenge, PHUSE is excited to launch the 2022 PHUSE/FDA Innovation Challenge.

A Design Thinking session was held at the PHUSE/FDA CSS in September and the PHUSE Community have identified three challenge themes.

Participant teams will present their solutions at the US Connect 2022 in Atlanta, GA. This event will be one of the highlights of the year with unparalleled learning opportunities and exposure to cutting edge problem-solving along the selected Challenge themes.

1Prototype solutions that prepare us to quickly identify signals in data from different sources to protect public health and promote health equity.
2Develop use cases for development or implementation of standards and methods to integrate real-world data, improve clinical outcomes, increases efficiencies and accelerate equity in clinical research.
3Adapt the use of affordable and innovative technology approaches to the collection of clinical data that is fit for purpose, increases traceability, compliance and accelerates equity in clinical research and healthcare.


Click on the links above for more information on each of the pillars.
If you have any questions, please contact the PHUSE Office.

The Roadmap to the Challenge

The below outlines the roadmap and key dates of the challenge.

Challenge SubmissionsSubmit a concept to one of the above challenge themes25 October – 19 November 2021
NotificationNotification of acceptance/rejections.20th December 2021
Presentation DeadlineFinal presentation deadline.18 April 2022
PHUSE/FDA Innovation ChallengeParticipate or observe the Challenge.
*Event registration is required*
3 May
US Connect
Challenge Chairs
Chris Hurley, PHUSE

Americas Director 

Lilliam Rosario, FDA

Director, Office of Computational Science, CDER

PHUSE/FDA Innovation Challenge in collaboration with: