Post-Pandemic Planning: What Will Change in the Clinical Supply Chain?


July 14th, 2020, 11am EDT

COVID-19 has presented a new and enduring challenge for sponsors conducting clinical trials. How do you ensure enrolment and adherence when clinics are closed or have restricted access, trade routes are compromised, and patients are still at home? The face of clinical trials may permanently change – how do you keep up? Join Thermo Fisher Scientific’s drug development and clinical services experts for another Q&A session to hear about the company’s innovation and how you can successfully continue to move your drug forward despite new clinical trial hurdles.

Learning Objectives

  • The changes the clinical supply chain will face as a lasting result of COVID-19
  • How innovations from clinical service organizations such as Thermo Fisher will help move trials forward
  • Answers to your questions surrounding the new post-pandemic landscape

This is a webinar series, part 1 in this series will cover Post-Pandemic Planning: What Will Change in Early-Phase Drug Development?
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Kevin Kane, PhD

Global SME

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Jason Mieding

Global Leader, Total Transportation Management and Digital Supply Chain
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Helen Underwood

Director, Strategic Client Relationships

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Ceri Thayer

Managing Director
Fisher Clinical Services UK
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