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RWD/RWE Stats Programmer Expert

Small niche CRO requires RWD/RWE Stats Programmer Expert for ongoing project, anticipated time- 25%.  Must have RWE/RWD stats programming experience- experience with datasets from EMR as well as EDC, ICD9 codes, etc.

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    Sheila here! Just wanted to provide an update- client was supposed to have an internal meeting on thursday feb 23 to discuss next steps, I haven’t heard back but should hear early this week on next steps. Will be back to you! Any questions or comments plmk.

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    Sheila here with an update- radio silence this week. 1- this is not unusual for any sort of pipeline opportunities- potential clients call with their hair on fire and then disappear. However I have found that this is even more common when dealing with vendor third parties, although it does happen working directly with drug sponsors as well.

    I will ping them again next week, and continue to follow up weekly until hearing the resolution. My contact can’t avoid me forever! Any questions or comments please let me know.

    Also- request- can you please confirm receipt of these updates by shooting me an email at with just “received” in the subject line (or tell me how your day is going too if you like!) as they are system generated and I want to ensure the platform communication features are functioning properly- thanks very much and have a great day!


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    Hello there! Sheila here with an update on this opportunity- heard back from Charlie this week: “yes, still very interested. Just got sidetracked by a conference. I’ve been authorized by Dan to started screening candidates and create a funnel of ones that are a good fit”

    My next step is to start to do introductions and set up calls. Please expect to hear back from me on this the week of March 13. Any questions or comments plmk!

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    update this week (week of March 13) from Charlie: “I will create a short description of the needs. I will be at the AMIA Informatics conference this week, returning Friday. then we can set up some short screening interviews.”
    My read: they need to clarify exactly what they need. I’ve recommend that they try to keep that at the task-level, as most folks tend to think in terms of “roles”. Roles are good, but tend to be more general. It’s harder to think through the specific tasks, but ultimately more helpful for non FTE engagement such as these.
    Given that they haven’t truly defined the needs yet, in my experience observing hiring entities working through stuff like this, this tells me they are not ready to hire anytime soon. However perhaps we’ll be surprised.
    Either way, the next step will be to update this post once he provides the detailed scope/descriptions and set up introduction calls from there. This could take a week, a month or longer. Hopefully not longer, I will keep you posted! Any questions or comment please let me know.

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    Hello! Reporting on this potential project- I’ve pinged weekly to see if they were able to put specific needs descriptions together however the client has been non-responsive so I’m downgrading this project opportunity to closed. As a CRO there’s a chance they’re waiting until and actual project need before moving forward, so chances are I will reopen this again but for now, it seems like this is on hold. Any questions or comments please let me know!