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Scientific Communications Talent Pool Development

LifeSciHub is developing a “talent pool” for a Japanese based scientific communications company.  They specialize in medical communications, strong footprint in Japan as well as China, however they do global business where they need additional experts.

Typical type of work:  From a CSR, expert can create manuscripts, posters, slide decks, abstracts, publication articles.  “Creating the story” of the research.  Evidence building, landscape analysis, evidence building, comparative analyses.

Sr. Medical Affairs experience.  TAs- oncology, cardio, diabetes, derm, gastro, optho, repro.

How the LifeSciHub “Talent Pool” works:

First, please see the LifeSciHub FAQ, how LifeSciHub is working to facilitate easier engagement with mid-large pharma so that less money is wasted on inefficient intermediaries, and how we are exploring operating as a profit-sharing DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

If interested in this opportunity, please favorite for updates, you will be alerted.

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    This is very interesting.

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    Sheila here with an update. Unfortunately these folks have gone dark. Odd- we had many conversations and they seemed very excited. Not sure what happened. They are a service organization and although they need freelancers, they make much higher margins off their full time employees. With service organizations, there’s always a built in pressure to go in that direction. LifeSciHub’s primary goal is to work directly with drug sponsors, exactly because of this reason. However these guys were REALLY interested so I made an exception.
    Please consider this project “closed” however I am on the hunt for other opportunities as well!! any comments or questions please post!