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About this event

Join us on January 27 for a virtual meeting to learn about new modalities of drug delivery under development by Greater Los Angeles companies.

This event will showcase drug delivery as a bridge that tie biotechnology and medical devices. It is also an area of competence in Greater Los Angeles where many companies made their fortunes, e.g. MiniMed (using pumps to deliver insulin) and Abraxis Biosciences (Using albumin-encapsulated paclitaxel for treating breast cancer).

The event will also feature presentations and discussions about novel micro bots, smart pumps, and novel polymers by Bionaut Labs (West Los Angeles, CA), Cognos Therapeutics (Hawthorne, CA), and Dyve Biosciences (Camarillo, CA) respectively. These companies represent a new generation of drug delivery companies that advantage of new advances in science and technology to develop devices intended for smart, safe, and controlled drug delivery of, not just small molecules, but also biologics.

About the SoCalBio Networking Forum:

The SoCalBio Networking Forum brings together leaders from all segments of the life-science industry to share insights and learn about:

  • Innovation best practices
  • Device and biotech business trends
  • Technology convergence opportunities, and
  • Broad-reaching public policies shaping the commercialization of innovations and healthcare service delivery in the U.S. and abroad.

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