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  • Innovation | New Product Planning

    David Brussee

    30 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research, Research & Development
    New Product Planning BrandingCommercialDeviceGlobal researchMarket StrategyProject managementQualitative analysis and report writing Alliance ManagementBusiness IntelligenceBusiness Process AnalysisClaims analysisCMOCommercialDermatologyDevelopmentImmunologyInfectious diseaseMarket landscape / opportunityMarket researchMedical DeviceProduct / brand positioningProject managementPublicationsPulmonary/respiratorySmall pharma experienceStrategic MarketingTraining developmentTraining execution/managementWomen's health
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    Dave Brussee has held leadership roles across the commercial continuum — everything from Sales & Sales Management, Brand Management, Alliance Management and Innovation /New Products Marketing.  He has worked in smaller, but fully integrated operations that have challenged him to wear many hats rather than build a career around one slice of commercialization.  Dave has experience in multiple industries (pharma, med device, nutrition), multiple markets / disease states (dermatology, infectious disease, respiratory disease, incontinence and aging), and global markets including…