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    Gergely Balint

    25 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research, Research & Development
    Project/program leadership Clinical OperationsCMCDeviceMarket StrategyProject managementRegulatoryResearch and Development Advisory CommitteeAlliance ManagementAutoimmune diseaseBfArMBiologicBudget planning & managementChange controlClinicalClinical development planClinical OperationsClinical Program ManagementCNSDue DilligenceFDALifecycle managementMarket landscape / opportunityPulmonary diseasesRare diseasesRegulatory Affairs and StrategyRheumatologyRisk Managementsubmission planning and trackingsubmission readiness
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    Highly accomplished leader of pharmaceutical industry with wide range of experience in project and organizational leadership. 20+ years of international drug development expertise coupled with strategic, operational and management experience.

    ◄ Core competencies include ► ★ In-depth Biopharmaceutical Industry Experience ★ Extensive Drug Development/Life Cycle Management ★ Product Development Plan Creation & Prioritization ★ Hands on Project & Program Leadership ★ US, EU, & International Experience ★ Strategic Alliance Experience

    ◄ Key Accomplishments ► ★ Developed asset for Phase…