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  • Ph.D. Program

    Catalina Buttz

    15 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research
    Competitive IntelligenceInnovationIP strategyPortfolio ManagementStrategy Content analysis / qualitative note takingGlobal researchHigh level statistical analysisMarket StrategyMaterials developmentModerating / interviewingProject managementProposal writingQualitative analysis and report writingQuantitative analysis and report writing Annual Report DesignAutoimmune diseaseCollateral MaterialGastroenterologyMarket landscape / opportunityOncologyPain managementPatient journey studiesPayer researchPowerPoint DesignProduct / brand positioningPulmonary diseasesRare diseasesReproductive healthSegmentationStrategic Marketing
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    I’m a life science professional dedicated to advancing innovation that improves and saves the lives of those we love.

  • Fractional COO, CTO

    Paul Murcott

    20 years of experience 2 projects USA Market Research, Research & Development
    Operational ExcelenceStrategy Administration AdministrativeSystem administration
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    Fractional COO, CTO with 20 years experience