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Strategic Real World Evidence Expertise Required

A niche CRO requires a strategic RWE expert for a long term project.  Anticipated time is 25% FTE.  Must be well rounded- have knowledge of regulatory submissions including RWD data, have been exposed to use of RWD as part of a trial such as a control arm, epidemiology methods for observational studies, and other aspects of this emerging field.

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    Hello there! Sheila here with an update on this opportunity- heard back from Charlie this week: “yes, still very interested. Just got sidetracked by a conference. I’ve been authorized by Dan to started screening candidates and create a funnel of ones that are a good fit”

    My next step is to start to do introductions and set up calls. Please expect to hear back from me on this the week of March 13. Any questions or comments plmk!

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    update this week from Charlie: “I will create a short description of the needs. I will be at the AMIA Informatics conference this week, returning Friday. then we can set up some short screening interviews.”
    My read: they need to clarify exactly what they need. I’ve recommend that they try to keep that at the task-level, as most folks tend to think in terms of “roles”. Roles are good, but tend to be more general. It’s harder to think through the specific tasks, but ultimately more helpful for non FTE engagement such as these.
    Given that they haven’t truly defined the needs yet, and in my experience, this tells me they are not ready to hire anytime soon. However perhaps we’ll be surprised. The next step will be to update this post once he provides the detailed scope/descriptions and set up introduction calls from there. This could take a week, a month or longer. I will keep you posted! Any questions or comment please let me know.

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    client has been non-responsive so I’m downgrading this project opportunity to closed. They stalled on putting together needs descriptions.