Survey Report Webinar: R&D Independent Workforce

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Join us for a discussion of LifeSciHub’s research findings: the 2020 Life Sciences R&D Independent Workforce.  Register HERE

There is a quiet revolution happening in pharma, something that the World Economic Forum calls the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. In life sciences this is evident by the thriving “gig economy” of very highly skilled independent experts. LifeSciHub is pleased to present the only known research of this critical “talent pool”. Some high level findings:

· According to our research, over 70% of R&D project owners feel the use and availability of independent consultants is either strategic or critical to drug development

· Independent workers thrive outside of the corporate structure and are dynamite at the new corporate must-have: reskilling

· HR and procurement struggle with the approach to and engagement with non-employees, tending to focus primarily on full time employees, and outsource “contingent” labor concerns to third parties

· And yet, highly skilled independent consultants actually prefer not to work through traditional sources that HR and procurement tend to rely on

Bringing order, efficiency and value to non-employee engagement is very common across all verticals, not just life sciences R&D. As digital transformation impacts every area of our lives, so it has accelerated new ways of working. According to Accenture’s seminal “Technology Vision” report (2017), “the nature of work and social contracts are in flux in economies around the world, driven in large part by the digital era, the rise of tech-savvy millennials and the ageing out of boomers”.

Yes, this is a great challenge to most organizations, however we can also bring the opportunity into focus for all parties- hiring managers on the front lines of critical drug development projects, the HR and procurement partners responsible for the Sisyphean task of compliant resource supply, the independent workers themselves, and most of all, the patients we all serve.

For that, we need data!

Please also join us on Tuesday 10 November at 11 am ET for a discussion of LifeSciHub’s most recent findings from our research series: Life Sciences R&D Independent Workforce Survey. We will be joined by workforce transformation expert Terry Gallagher. Terry specializes in the US labor market as whole so will allow us to benchmark our findings against other verticals, and bring some extremely valuable non-life sciences lessons learned into the discussion. Hope to see you there!

About Terri Gallagher

Terri Gallagher is the founder of Gallagher and Consultants, a WBENC Certified Gig Workforce Solutions Company. She has over 20 years’ experience as a Gig Workforce Expert and has made it her personal mission to elevate the Gig workforce industry by leveraging a trademarked ecosystem model of delivery that includes best of breed talent, technology, and alliance partners to provide contingent workforce and multi talent supply solutions. She is also an accomplished speaker, writer and published author.

About LifeSciHub

LifeSciHub is a Gig, also known as Open Economy, marketplace platform dedicated to the independent workforce in life sciences R&D and the drug sponsors and vendor ecosystem that utilize them. LifeSciHub is a two sided marketplace, considers both the enterprise and the independent consultant to be customers, and seeks to deliver significant value to both sides of that equation. From its marketplace technology, LifeSciHub enables the enterprise to embrace the unprecedented resilience and flexibility that only the Open Economy can deliver. LifeSciHub’s mission is to liberate precious research dollars from being spent on inefficient traditional processes and intermediaries, allowing that value to be redirected to the primary customer of all drug sponsors and independent consultants: the patient.