LifeSciHub Fireside Sept 27 2021:

LifeSciHub Fireside Sept 27 2021: “Hubber” Update Q4 2021

All LifeSciHub members are small business.  LifeSciHub is too!  As we’re also based on total transparency, we thought, why not invite our fellow small business members into the details of the LifeSciHub tech platform startup journey?  It is both informative and interesting, for all of us who are interested in business.  And, if you are […]


LifeSciHub Fireside: June 7 2021- LifeSciHub Updates

Quick summary of what was discussed: LifeSciHub Strategic Updates Mission statement Problem statement Economics of traditional 3rd party engagement and why industry can’t afford to operate like this anymore Stark real-life example of money wasted by industry- this does a disservice to the patients we are trying to serve Industry seems largely ignorant of the problem, […]