The New Work Life Balance in Clinical Research


Registration Deadline: February 22, 2022 11:59 PM ET


  • Jennifer McLeland, MSW, MA, CCRC, ACRP-PM, RPSGT, ASTEP Program Director, Manager, Division of Clinical Research, Washington University School of Medicine


Join us to explore strategies for juggling a career in clinical research and your personal life in the “new normal.” Learn time management strategies applicable for both in the office and at home. Attendees will also gain a better grasp of the ideal work life balance and acquire tools to help make your goals a reality.

Upon completion of this Webinar, attendees should be able to understand and identify:

  1. Devise a virtual toolkit of time management skills that are helpful for navigating the current work environment
  2. Examine strategies for saying ‘no’
  3. Evaluate how you are balancing life inside and outside of work