The patient’s perspective on decentralized trials exposes challenges and prerequisites for success


Cost, diversity, drop-out rates and enrolment plans are all parameters greatly influenced by the shift to decentralized trial designs. What should pharmaceutical companies beware of when making this transition?

Decentralized trials have long been buzzing in the industry but the crisis has hastened its embrace. How can patient’s needs and fears related to decentralized trials be respected in order to avoid roaring dropout rates?

Learning Objectives:

  • Key findings from investigating patient’s perspectives on decentralized trials.
  • Maintaining diversity as a goal and what might jeopardize it
  • How to assure patient retention in a decentralized trial design?
  • Dropout rates may surge, risking diversity and fulfilment. What is the recipe for success?


Matthieu Ruffin
Matthieu Ruffin
Global Head Development Operations
Director, Clinical Systems And Digital Operations
Johan Luthman
Johan Luthman
Executive Vice President Research & Development
H. Lundbeck A/S
Henrik Vincentz
Henrik Vincentz
James Lind Care

Panel Moderator

Henrik Vincentz (MA Psychology) is co-founder of James Lind Care, the European patient organization specialized in clinical trials and has 20 years of experience in establishing online communities.

His visionary outlook on trends such as the rise of patient centricity and user involvement in general, has made him a mechanism for pharmaceutical companies to find inspiration and guidelines in an attempt to implement a patient centric approach in their clinical trials.

Besides his role in JLC, he serves as vice chairman at The Danish Lung Association and is often requested to keynote by patient organizations and patient advocacy groups.