With Radical Transparency Anything is Possible

LifeSciHub’s believes in radical transparency, and as such on April 29 2022 at noon ET we are sharing our entire 2021 P&L with LifeSciHub participants and members, both Expert Provider small businesses and Hiring Entities.  We will review all 2021 inputs and outputs, all fees, expenses, and investments in:  software development, office support, staff payments, marketing, legal and insurance, everything.  We will talk about investments we plan to make in 2022, particularly in software development, as we continue to build towards our key goals:

֍ For drug sponsors- easy, compliant access to vendor-qualified Expert Provider small and micro-businesses (EPs);

֍ For EPs- easy access to more project work from serious, ready to work, vetted direct source (drug sponsor) hiring entities.

֍ Sharing the value we create, as a community, with the community.

To learn more about our approach to Radical Transparency, read our post LifeSciHub as a DAO.  See you on the 29th!

Register April 29, 12 noon ET