VC Trends in Healthcare Investing: The Power of Convergence




Kimberly Ha
CEO & Founder
KKH Advisors

Ann DeWitt
General Partner, Investment Team
The Engine

Alex Morgan
Khosla Ventures

Benjamin Quiroga
General Partner
Humboldt Fund

Sara Demy, CEO of Demy-Colton, hosts interactive virtual salons featuring industry leaders and distinguished guests exploring today’s most consequential and disruptive topics in healthcare.

VC Trends in Healthcare Investing: The Power of Convergence
Leading VC investors will discuss how advances in AI and machine learning, nanotechnology, optics, quantum physics, and advances in engineering are transforming the life sciences industry. Learn how technology-driven convergence will both disrupt and benefit pharma and biotech. These VC partners will discuss why convergence is a critical component for innovation.

Convergence is the integration of engineering, physical sciences and life sciences. Learn about how funding startups that embrace a convergence environment – interdisciplinary teams and scientists that address major challenges within the life sciences – are accelerating drug development and are the key to solving major challenges such as current manufacturing bottlenecks in cell therapy research. Panelists will also discuss case studies and startups showcasing “convergence in action,” from digital health to biotech.